Meet the Team

Your cycling experts, Fintan McCormac, David Weiss, Michael Weiss, Leonie Wall, Robin Beckerman, Teri Albertazzi, and Lisa Ribes will share their knowledge, enthusiasm, and love of the French Alps with you during your stay. They will help you to create a unique and memorable cycling adventure based around the greatest race in the world.

Fintan Mc Cormac
Born: Belfast, Ireland
Current Home: New York, New York
Role at Reilly Cycling: The Big Cheese
Guiding Experience: 9 Years
Nickname: Big Boss
All about Fintan: RCT would simply not exist without the unfaltering dedication of our "Big Boss". His attention to detail and contagious enthusiasm for alpine cycling and the Tour de France make for a memorable trip, year after year. He is without a doubt the most naturally gifted cyclist you will ever meet, and surely the only cyclist in the world who will unhesitatingly offer his assistance to push complete strangers up 11% inclines!
Fintan's athletic career has seen him finish on the podium at Ironman 70.6 Rhode Island and triumph at numerous other U.S. racing events. He is an alumnus of La Marmotte cyclosportive and has competed in several road races throughout Europe. A mountain bike instructor and Cooper Institute Fitness Specialist, Fintan has trained and been tested for aerobic endurance at the prestigious Cooper Aerobics Center in Dallas, Texas.
Doubling back, fetching you water, food, carrying your jacket and helmet, offering encouragement... our Big Boss will take care of you all the way (and, at 6'2'', he's also a great draft!). A true glutton for punishment, he is ready to push you as far as you are willing to go... and beyond!
David Weiss
Born: New York, New York
Current Home: Short Hills, New Jersey
Role at Reilly Cycling: Head Cycling Guide – Trip Manager
Guiding Experience: 8 Years
Nickname: Phurba
All about Dave: Co-founder and lead guide David Weiss, aka “Phurba”, is one of the strongest alpine cyclists you will meet, and our peace of mind on the road. As long as he is around we know you’ll be okay. He can push you, pace you, and work you at any level, and if you need carrying up or down the mountain, he can do that too.
Dave has competed and raced in the elite division at such prestigious races as the Mt Washington Hill Climb, La Marmotte Cyclosportif, and the Hillier Than Thou endurance race. He is a highly talented athlete who excels at a wide range of endeavors. He has qualified for, and competed in, multiple marathons, including New York City, Philadelphia, and Boston.
Dave trains everywhere there are mountains and is most at home in the most difficult terrain. Training with Phurba has long been described as a sufferfest and is not recommended for most! His knowledge of the mountain passes and his experience riding at the Tour make him a huge asset to our team. His expertise on bike fit and set-up are priceless, and we call him “Phurba” after the famous Nepalese Sherpa who carries climbers up to the heights of Everest.
Look for Phurba at the next Mt Washington Hill Climb, Leadville 100 MTB, or at Ironman in 2011. Or better yet... on our @ReillyCycling Twitter feed as "Angry Phurba"!
Leonie Wall
Born: London, England
Current Home: Toronto, Ontario
Role at Reilly Cycling: Cycling Guide – Trip Coordinator
Guiding Experience: 8 Years
Nickname: Lioness
All about Leonie: Leonie is a powerhouse of talent. She is our multi-lingual, multi-talented trip coordinator, and her knowledge of the Alps and surrounding area is as detailed as any in the field. Guests are always amazed at her knowledgeable, detailed descriptions of the climbs, and her flawless management of logistics around the Tour de France. On the bike, Leonie is a fearsome climber and a natural talent on the downhills. Like the other staff, she is an alumnus of the gruelling La Marmotte cyclosportive race.
Her true passion is route-finding, and some of our “secret” gems that we take our guests on are the result of her forays far and wide in the Alps. She is always on the hunt for that perfect mountain road!
Leonie's interests are many and varied. After completing infantry basic training, she spent five years in the military reserves and has always enjoyed pushing her limits, physically and mentally. In 2009, Leonie achieved her goal of summitting Mt. Kilimanjaro, one of the seven peaks of the seven continents. Last summer, she spent two weeks high-altitude hiking in the Peruvian Andes, while brushing up on her Spanish.
Above all, Leonie is a musician – she makes her living as a professional flutist. She is a full-time, tenured member of the prestigious Toronto Symphony Orchestra and has received numerous awards for her performances around the world.
Michael Weiss
Born: Suffern, New York
Current Home: Brooklyn, New York
Role at Reilly Cycling: Cycling Guide – Itinerary Manager
Guiding Experience: 7 Years
Nickname: The Bridge
All about Mike: Mike can do it all! Mike is your best friend, your family, your training partner, and maybe even the best therapy you could ask for! A naturally gifted cyclist, Mike is supremely strong and has an incredible ability to race up and down the Alps all day long in service of our clients. Mike can ride as fast or as slowly as you want, all the while keeping your mind active with his unique and witty conversation.
He is an elite-level rider and has competed in the infamous Mt Washington Hill Climb as well as several other events on the East Coast. He trains through the winter in the Catskill Mountains of New York - always the guy with the big smile on his face and the frozen water bottles!
Mike epitomizes the relaxed atmosphere that exists in Villard-Reculas, and can be found most any morning with a bowl of oatmeal, a kiwi fruit, and a good cup of strong coffee in hand. A talented bike mechanic and superb sag driver (barefoot, of course!), Mike is anywhere and everywhere and is a key player in our ride itinerary each year. He is one of those genetically gifted riders that make it all look easy, and we guarantee that you’ll enjoy every minute of a climb with him next to you.
We call him ‘The Bridge’ because he’s the link between the staff and the clients. Mike enjoys himself so much that we're never sure whether he's on the trip as a guest or client... and we love it that way!
Robin Beckerman
Born: Bayshore, New York
Current Home: Copiague, New York
Role at Reilly Cycling: Cycling Guide – Yoga Instructor
Guiding Experience: 5 Years
Nickname: Tigger
All about Robin: A personal trainer and Police Dept Instructor for over 20 years, Robin has made a living and a life based around physical fitness. Robin began running marathons in the mid 1980s and earned credibility quickly with 3hr performances in New York City. He has been a certified and practising Yoga Instructor for the past 10 years and teaches yoga classes weekly on Long Island.
A true all-round talent, Robin has not only competed, but even made it to the podium, at the prestigious Police & Fire Olympics as a champion wrestler. Robin’s certification as a Police Mountain Bike Instructor sparked his interest in cycling, and he has been an alpine cycling guide for the past several years. He most recently rode the Marmotte Cyclosportif, not only finishing the race, but assisting RCT clients throughout the 110-mile alpine endurance event.
In Villard-Reculas, Robin teaches an Alpine Yoga class each morning for our cyclists. His soft nature, contagiously upbeat attitude, and ‘can do’ approach is always welcome. We call him ‘Tigger’ because he’s always smiling, always happy, and just loves to ride!
Teri Albertazzi
Born: Maryland
Current Home: Nebraska
Role at Reilly Cycling: Cycling Guide
Guiding Experience: 4 Years
Nickname: Bubbles
All about Teri: Teri is a former professional triathlete who trained out of Tucson, Arizona - home of the famous Mount Lemmon. She has had impressive results in bike races such as the Tucson Bicycle Classic, and the Mount Lemmon and Kitt Peak annual climbs, but triathlons, and specifically Ironman triathlons, are where her heart lies.
On top of her triathlon training, Teri's experience has been as an exercise physiologist and nutrition counsellor at Tucson's prestigious Canyon Ranch Spa. She's the one who will stay by your side for eight hours straight on the bike and just keep telling you, "You're doing AWESOME!".
Teri is like the energizer bunny - she NEVER stops! She lives to ride, run, and swim. We love her always-sunny attitude and "I can do it!" mentality, hence her nickname - 'Bubbles'. We're totally thrilled she's back with the RCT team!

Lisa Ribes
Born: Illinois
Current Home: Tucson, Arizona
Role at Reilly Cycling: Cycling Guide
Guiding Experience: 1 Year
Nickname: Reese's Pieces
All about Lisa: Lisa is new to the staff in 2013 but we knew right away she was the perfect fit. Lisa began as a distance runner at age 13 and continued to grow as an athlete until she entered the world of triathlon 10 years ago. Her solid running background served her well, and for the past four years Lisa has been a professional Ironman triathlete based in Tucson, Arizona. She has award-winning podium performances all over the world in both cycling and Ironman. Yes - she's really that good!
Despite her running background, it is on the bike were Lisa truly excels. She is a world-class cyclist, and her climbing abilities on the bike leave even the most hardened riders grasping to hold her wheel. If you want to be tested, hang with Lisa on a climb! Just make sure she knows you want to go fast or she'll be quite happy chatting and riding along next to you. She is super sweet, a true gem, and a wonderful person to spend your week with. We call her Reese's Pieces - it's the perfect name for her!

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